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Post by Seraph on Wed Jul 23, 2008 8:39 pm

Ok, Please do not spam here, I will lock it immediately and delete your posts,
Ok, Please Post here if you're gonna add something!

Is-, Is--, is, ISSIt okay to advertise this?
It's okay as long you know how to setup this and you're under our permissions

How can we Become GM w/o Donating?
Okay, It's about Cooperation, Loyalty, and Patience. You can apply.

How do you do these Patches?
Currently, we have a forums of MMORPGs, and it's normal we can get some patches and dev, and at the same time, we make our patches on our own by sometimes if we got time.

How, How, How can we help you?
You can help us by donating, in exchange for the item or rank

Does this server Support Paypal?
Possibly, No. Because, We don't support yet and will be updated from time to time, if alot of people wants to donate/help the server thank you, if many more donates, we will put a paypal system for other countries/places which they can't go here and takes a lot of time, ya know.

Why Does it Redirects to MegaClick when Downloading Client?
Possible answers If the server isn't on, or you're not connected on our Hamachi Network, or your Hamachi isn't on.

Why When I ReBorn, I can't login anymore?
Login on our True CP, after doing so, LogOut, Log In Game Again.

Why do we Need to Download Patches?
So that you can get our new features, because If you won't, you will be losing it all, sometimes you cannot connect, but don't remind, we'll be releasing auto patching features of our Ran Launcher.

Why can't we Spam?
Because we are maintaining to clean the forum, and To Avoid Post UpperS

My Character Keeps Roll Backing
Possibly your Character's HP has 30k above, MP 30k above, SP 30k above.

Why is Crystal is a Donate and Doesn't Drop Always, just 10%?
Because it doesn't drop or low drop rate on Crystal...
and we need "Financial Money" too to keep the server alive.

Why do you make Maintenance s?
Because, we are adding features, cleaning up the server, making some patches, adding something.

When I open up Game Something Pop ups, the Language Pack Installer?
Because it means, You don't got that language and you don't need to install it anymore.

How many Pets can I get?
Only 2, 1 Pet and 1 another Pet, If you buy 2 Pets d same, you'll get buggy.

Why is the Development Slow?
Sometimes, we can't develop by just players saying:
and our Developers can't and just not online for that time..

Is there no Change Password?
Possibly, we don't got that thing yet, or links are dead.

Is there no Killer Quest?
Possibly, in development, we don't got that yet on our NPC ( director )

Why Donate?
We Need Financial for Server, Your Help to the Server, and also that is for the Electricity and Bills, for the Improving at the Server Too, and also to upgrade our Server's Specs.

Post up your FAQ...
If you got complains, pls Post
Feel free to add me on
or Administrator Gemini -

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Help and FAQ! Empty Re: Help and FAQ!

Post by carlot on Fri Aug 08, 2008 10:02 pm

<--Added Paypal Donation FAQs-->
<--Added another Messenger Address-->

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