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Post by Identity on Sat Sep 13, 2008 6:56 pm

Please Follow our Rules and Regulations

In-Game Rules
•Do not Fight Us
•Do not Use Cheats/Hacks for Unfair Advantages
•Cheating on Event on saying "Hey, Unknown Won" So that he would give you some items. If you're caught, you will be banned, or you and the persion banned.
•Do not say you're a GM or else, banning/kicking you is that Possiblities
GM and Development Team Rules
•Do not Give Items unless our Permission / Events
•Do not Tell administrators that you're the one using the account (pretending) but (oh?) you're not the one that owns that account, your just telling that to make him GM. Doing that will be Temporary Banned for 7 Days (1 Week) or 1 Week (7 Days), If you keep doing that again, Permanent Bann is Fine Though, If you payed you'll always get 7 Days (1 Week) or 1 Week (7 Days) what ever you do, because you payed though so we cannot bann you permanently, Report if Someone Does this, Rewards are Cool!
•Giving / Let Them Borrowing Accounts will be bad, you're attemping us to bann you, If you're a Premium GM (Payed)You will be Banned Temporary for 7 Days (1 week) or 1 Week (7 Days), but if you're just a GM you will be permanented bann or temporary bann for 7 days (1 week) or 1 week (7 days).
•Helping Players Gather Items will be a permanent bann for GMs and for Premium GMs will be 1 Week.
•No Personal Flaming
•Don't Kill anyone, instead make a event, and if it joins, kill it xDD, unless, they're going to certain maps that really players are unallowed.
•Respect Players or Anyone, Do not be Boastful
•Do what, we Administrator's will tell you
•Do not Install and Install Someone else here, or else.
Thank You for Reading this ! cheers Exclamation
Please, Do not :#:Post Here:#:, All of your Post will be deleted unless, it is important and needed to be added on the Rules.
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