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Post by Seraph on Thu Aug 07, 2008 10:09 pm

Please Follow our Rules and Regulations

and Please, Make the :@:Forum Clean:@:

Forums Rules
•Do not Make the Forum Dirty, Make it clean
•Do not Spam, or else, Your Posts will count down because of Deletion
•Post in the Right Section
•Don't Double Post Same as Rules Number 2, Tripple Post is Worse than Double Post
•No Pornographics Here, If you do, else, you're ip banned..
•No Flaming or Offensing
•No :$:Advertising
•No :$:Posting of Cheats
•Do Not Spam on -CrackW Section
•Respect Everyone, Do not Flame anyone, unless you're reporting.
Thank You for Reading this ! cheers Exclamation
Please, Do not :#:Post Here:#:, All of your Post will be deleted unless, it is important and needed to be added on the Rules.

Forum Rules Wobble

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