Patch 3.7 *Latest Patch for October 1 2008*

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Patch 3.7 *Latest Patch for October 1 2008*

Post by Seraph on Wed Oct 01, 2008 6:09 pm

Hi, Here's the 3.7
Patch Links:

(Link still Uploading)
(Link still Uploading)

Next step:
Extract all on your Ran Insomyak Folder, (Default is C:\Program Files\Ran Insomyak (EP4))
Then open up Ran Patcherv2.exe then patch check, then start game, happy gaming!

New Map (Valentines Map)
Crystal Sets (For Mixclasses, Any Crystal Type is now wearable)
New Hairstyle (Edited Hairstyle to new one)
Quests are now working
Luxuries are not buyable now.

(Click Here to See More)


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